Fostering a Dog or Puppy can be one of the most rewarding parts of volunteering with a rescue organization. At Team Stinkykiss, we depend on our dedicated foster "moms and dads" to nurture and love our furbabies until they find their forever homes!

As a foster volunteer, You ALWAYS have full say in which animal you are willing to foster. We have a private Fosters only page that you will be added to, where we discuss any and everything to do with fostering and just plain ole chit chat. That page is where we post pictures and information of any dog or pup that needs a foster and when you see one that you want to save, you let us know and we do our very best to get that Stinker for you to Foster! We have several different ways of doing this, but it is always your decision. We pay all medical fees associated with the foster animal while in your care. Your only costs are food and love!!!

We ask that you either bring your foster to adoption events or make arrangements to get them to a Team Leader the evening before the event.  Of course we'd love for you to bring your baby yourself and stay as long as possible, as the events are great exposure for the animals and they're kind of fun too!!! We believe in treating each of our foster babies as if they were our own and we take very good care of our babies!!! We can assure you that we work very hard to make sure that they go to great forever homes!!! As you'll notice once you're on our Foster Page, we stay in contact and get lots of wonderful photo updates on our adopted babies!!!

All applicants are carefully screened with home visits - our goal is to find the best possible home for each of our babies, not just any ole home for them.

As with any animal coming from a high kill shelter, they may or may not be house-trained. Some are, some are but have forgotten, and some will need complete house training. We do insist that our fosters be housed indoors except for potty breaks and play times. We love for them to get kennel trained if they are not already as we try to best prepare our babies for any potential perfect home they may find. If you don’t have a crate, we will loan you one of ours, size specific for the animal you are fostering.

If you want and are available to meet with potential adoptive parents that is great, if it's not something you want to do, no problem we will do the home visits solo. We may ask you to take your Foster to a vet or grooming appointment, if you are available to do so, great, if not, we will work around it. I am sure you will have many questions and we are here to answer them all - so please feel free to ask us at any time. We are your support 24/7!!!.

Are you ready to become a foster? Use the form below to tell us a little about yourself and we'd be happy to contact you!