Pepe now! What a little love and support can do in 6 short weeks! 

Carissa was found scavenging for food and horribly underweight...

Stinker Support

Abandoned at a local school, Nadia was in excruciating pain, severely starved and terrified

Pepe, found sad and broken...

With lots of love and good nutrition, Carissa quickly blossomed into the healthy gal she is today!

Under the watchful eye of a caring foster, Nadia  received lots of love and care on her road to recovery. Her final 18 months with her foster mom were true love she'd never known.

Have you ever wondered how you could support your favorite Stinker on their road to recovery? Well, here's your chance!

By committing just $10 a month (just $2.50 per week!), your contribution helps fund the extensive vetting and care these precious lives require. After so much hardship, abuse and neglect, our Stinkers deserve only the best and your contribution goes a long way in helping the lives of those who have suffered so much.